SACRED (Social Animation Center for Rural Education and Development) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rural development. SACRED aims to empower community through people participation mould new generation through gender sensitization and environmental awareness, aiming for human justice and equality.

SACRED believes in teamwork and team spirit. It has a rich experience and rapport with the grassroots communities. Mobilizing the grassroots, women, youth, children, marginal farmers, landless farmers, disabilities, dalits, unorganized workers, fishermen and quarry workers, under a common forum through  innovative empowerment interventions, with the full participation of the grassroots in the execution of the interventions.


Self reliance and social dignity of marginalized including women, children, youths and targeted communities based on the principles of equality and ensure the sustainable society of value, peace and justice.


To promote integrated development with human dignity, encouraging the target community to involve in bringing justice, equality and harmony in the society, emphasizing their self sustainability through need based livelihood activities through people’s participation.

To ensure women, youth, children, disabilities, unorganized workers have equal opportunities and to lead improved lives in a society.

Core Values

Integrity is to uphold: Integrity is promoted and practiced among and between SACRED members and staff, donors etc

Human rights are essential: SACRED believes in protection of human rights to ensure justice in society

Teamwork is vital: Working collaboratively with individuals and organisations are important in order to accomplish a task or target

Gender equality is emphasised: Promoting gender equality within the organization & in the community and believing in gender mainstreaming & gender perceptive structure

Sustainability and equality is progressing: Create sustainable community where everyone is equally recognized and appreciated

Innovation is key growth: Believe in creating new ideas that can add value to life

  • To create efforts for encouraging the poor village people for their overall development of the society
  • To provide help and basic needs for women and children under health & other nutritional services
  • To work efficiently for minimizing gender inequalities, exploitations and injustices
  • To provide shelter for the old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare
  • To promote the creation of a gender sensitive work environment within SACRED
  • To train and sensitize conflict management to all the partner organizations of the SACRED Network