Vision, Mission, Core Values & Objectives

SACRED is a registered Society Act 1960, Established in 2005, registered in 2007 and working in 50 villages in Ramanagaram district, SACRED has a holistic approach to rural development. SACRED aims to empowerment of community through people participation mould new generation through gender sensitization and environmental awareness, aiming for human justice and equality. Skill training is also part of the programme towards achieving economic development. Children are brought together in the gender equality clubs in order to sensitize them to gender justice.

SACRED believes in teamwork and team spirit. It has a rich experience and rapport with the grassroots communities. It believes in people who have the guts and capacities to manage their own, out of indigenous and modern methods. SACRED has been so long with the grassroots, is possible out of its teamwork and team spirit with transparency and participatory works among the grassroots.

SACRED perceives the formation of a society that based on justice, peace, harmony and fraternity where in, which women and men irrespective his/her sex, race, religion, creed, class enjoys the fruits of labor, natural resources and work collectively and equally, with mutual respect and recognition. The men and women work together in alternatives empowerment interventions to ensure sustainable development.

Mobilizing the grassroots, women, youth, children marginal farmers, landless farmers, disabilities, dalits, unorganized workers, fishermen and quarry workers, under a common forum through innovative empowerment interventions, with the full participation of the grassroots in the execution of the interventions.

To enabling the target population to have their natural resources being protected, promoted and conserved for a sustainable livelihood through indigenous and alternative farm practices, environment friendlier practices in their day to day live.