Area of Operation

Social:  SACRED’s crucial area is to promote social development in Ramanagara district. It makes effort to reduce child labor and ensure human and education rights of all children. It aims to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged and marginalized people including women, children, youths and targeted communities based on the doctrine of equality and ensure harmony and justice. We are accountable for the welfare of the people when need arises.

Economical:  SACRED tries to recover the land of the poor and needy and diminish land acquisition by MNC’s.  SACRED unites in the capacity building of rural organizations by supporting and recommending them towards economic development. We at SACRED are planning to design “microfinance programme” for the poor. In this programme, some of the donor organizations provide loans and financial aid to poor people when there is need. This in turn will help in local economic development.

Health:  It promotes to create awareness on health and hygiene through campaigns, workshops and other awareness programmes for women, children and targeted communities. SACRED plans to work closely with the local community to organize health camps for medical checkup, offering vaccinations, offering different healthcare services, providing healthy supplements, spreading instructions on health care in various schools and day care centers.

Art and Culture: SACRED intends to spread art and culture with the general public. It plans to organize cultural programs and events to create awareness on India’s diverse culture. In future, it plans to engage the local community in fine arts, folk arts by arranging exhibitions and other cultural events.

Political: It endorses and examines the political functioning based on the development of society with the human right issues, education, health, environment and other welfare and also supports the participation of women in the political course. SACRED is eager to collaborate with other political agencies that has similar viewpoint and are keen to render support.