Farmer Producer Organization

Promotion of Farmer Producer Organization – SRUSTHI Ramanagara Farmers’ Producer Company

With all the working experience with various domains of farming techniques with the farmers and with the farmers clubs, SACRED has promoted a farmer producer organisation called SRUSTHI Ramnagara Farmers Producer Company with the support of NABARD. The farmer producer organisation has been registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. At present, the company has a participating shareholder of 921. Share amount Rs.3, 28,050/- at present through the Farmers Producers Company, desi seeds, ragi and vegetables are promoted. Various capacity building activities are also conducted for the participating rural farmers including the farming practices, community initiative marketing systems, and value added techniques for the products have been conducted.  Various value added products of Ragi including Papad, Sandig, laddu, mixture, chakkali and powder are being made and being marketed.