Child Development

Children Club, summer camp, life skill education

Child development refers to the transformations that occur as a child undergoes change and develops in relation to health, emotional, social and physical. Parents play important role in a child’s life, socialization and development. Child care programs have vital opportunity for the promotion of child development.

Organizing Summer Camps

3 summer camps covering 150 children to be organized in the SACRED area of operation to expose their talents and broaden their perspectives or horizons.

Children Club


  • Summer camps to be conducted during summer vacation of children for 1-2 days
  • Short listing of children from the tuition centres and children’s clubs
  • Informing the parents and getting their consent
  • Planning the itinerary of the summer camp
  • Sharing experiences with other children
Life Skill Education

To impart life skill education for adolescent children in the age group of 14-18 years in order to prepare them to face life in the project area

180 adolescent girls and 180 boys will be assisted in 6 sensitization and capacity building programmes to steer their lives in the proper direction and make right choices regarding age of marriage, career guidance, personality development, building skills in the SACRED area of operation by 2014.


  • Training staff in curriculum preparation of life skill education
  • Develop innovative play way methods to motivate children to identify skills
  • Dividing the curriculum plan into specific lessons
  • Developing criteria for the selection of adolescent girls and boys
  • Organizing separate clubs for boys and girls in the village
  • Organizing review programmes for the children and staff separately

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