Income Generation Program

Objective: The aim and objective of income generation programme is to improve the standard of living conditions of the villagers and to improve economic stability of the poor and needy families, particularly women and the landless for a better quality of life.

The IGP programmes help families to take up various feasible schemes such as rearing of sheep and goats, dairy farming, seed banking, setting up petty shops/petty businesses, cocoon plates, vermi rearing  etc.


  • Staff planning
  • Community meeting
  • Survey
  • Selection of seeds
  • Selection of farmers
  • House visit
  • Segregation of families based on the eligibility criteria
  • Group meeting
  • Monitoring committee formation
  • Documentation
  • Records and Register
  • Maintained the village level minutes records
  • 15 farmers were enrolled as members in seed bank
  • Purchase of cow, sheep, goats, cocoon plates, seeds, materials & provision


  • Earned income has been shared by the members to support another family.
  • Ensures at least 2 – 3 families got benefited through this program.
  • Have gained scientific and technical knowledge after this exposure.
  • This exposure also helps the farmers know the available resources to get for their input cost.
Case Study:               

Name: Kavitha w/o Nagraj

Age:    30

Land: ½ Acre

 She started with IGA programme where she get capital Rs. 5000/- & purchased 10 cocoon Plates, she used this plates for herself and given for rental outside through this rental she started earning for her life Rs. 400 to 500 season wise, now with this business she grown well & she started supporting to another family for IGA, under revolving concept again she purchased 10 plates total [20 plates] from the profit now she earning income of Rs. 800- 1000 per month through Income Generation Activity.

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